#FBF Weekend in Cambridge

Reminiscing on 2017, there have been many stand out moments throughout the year. One I particularly look back fondly on is my trip to Cambridge, visiting my dear friend Allison. I arrived in Cambridge on a balmy Saturday evening in the late summer of ’17. Having taken the train from Leeds to Peterborough, my journey…

Merry Christmas

   To all my wonderful supporters, family and friends, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! May you be filled with joy this holiday season and share the good news of Jesus with those around you. Be blessed abundantly in 2016 with the things that matter most … Most importantly, with His presence transforming our […]

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Train Musings

Waiting on a train for another train to pass. I don’t know the reason why the delay, I don’t know what has occured, or what I will face later down the track, but I trust the “Driver” to get me to the correct destination. My response to the journey directly affects my destiny.  I can […]

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You Might Be a Missionary

You might be a Missionary if…          You have glued your wallet back together (twice) Someone dares you to eat garlic bread ice cream for missions and you do it (ok, Missionary Coffee counts as missions)   You have preached during a tornado Your car has a blow up mattress, cleaning supplies and […]

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