Some of the most powerful prayers history has ever recorded have been prayers of availability, Samuel’s heme aqui , Isaiah’s “here I am, send me,” and the modern generation’s theme song, “I give myself away,”   In moments of supreme consecration we vow our lives unto the service of a higher authourity, and this vow, in course, leads to a change of our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional reality.

Paul spent a lot of time talking about this concept, yield yourselves members, or instruments  to obey, living it and confronting the culture of the church, “Hey, don’t you know your body belongs to God?”  “You are dead, your life is hidden in Christ, so the life that you have now? it’s lived in Him”  Serious stuff…  but incredibly freeing to obey.

The last time I prayed on of those prayers I found my entire life plan (ha) up in the air, travelled to a different European nation, and lived out of a suitcase for several months, so I have become a bit more cautious in what I voice to the Lord in prayer:)  While being one of the most precious seasons of my walk with God, it also taught me to take Him, and what I said to Him, a lot more seriously.  God does listen to what we say.  He really does care that we keep our commitments and vows.  Even the ones we whisper when no one is watching.  I think He cares about those the most.

Back to the power!  So we have like some of the most powerfully anointed prophets of God from prayers of availability, we have some of the greatest revivals we’ve ever experienced from prayers of availability, we have people being healed and delivered because a bunch of fishermen said “Ok, Jesus, use me,”  and yet the pages of history still hold an unfinished line waiting to be filled by you and me.   There is more power, there are more souls, there is a greater harvest simply waiting.  For you and me.  They are waiting for you to pray a simple prayer of availability, and all it takes is five little words, “Here I am, send me.”

No pressure.  Only the God of the Universe waiting to hear you speak, but here’s the incredible part: He believes in you.  He has a specific plan for you. He chose you before you were born to accomplish His will on earth, and He has all the power you need to obey and suceed in His mission.

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to keep on praying prayers of availability.

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