You might be a Missionary if… 




You have glued your wallet back together (twice)

Someone dares you to eat garlic bread ice cream for missions and you do it (ok, Missionary Coffee counts as missions)  

You have preached during a tornado

Your car has a blow up mattress, cleaning supplies and juice just in case you ever get inside your house

People talk to you and you answer in your current language (that was the LAST Bible study)

You literally dream about event coordinating and world wide revival being everyday

You pray to see the supernatural revealed.   Like. Now.  Cause we are Acts 29. Might as well.  

Your inbox is full and overflowing cause in all that action you forgot to reply and deadlines are looming but you’re still smiling cause somebody got delivered in Jesus name!

People say “Missions” and you are pretty sure your heart twitched. Or broke. Or melted in a puddle on the floor because you realised that it’s up to us to fulfil His commission.

Chances are…  You just might be called to Missions.  

#helpaMissionarykeepsane #applyforAIM #aim2go

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